In Conversation with Peter Cardwell

Peter Cardwell, former Special Adviser to four Cabinet Ministers in four government departments over a three and a half year span, is interviewed by Arden Foster-Spink of the British Undergraduate Review. They discuss his new book The Secret Life of Special Advisers, which you can find here:

or on Hive:

In Conversation with Sir Vince Cable

Sir Vince Cable, former Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Twickenham (1997 – 2019), is interviewed by Arden Foster Spink. They discuss Sir Vince’s political motivations, the financial crisis, COVID, the increasing burden placed on the younger generation and Lenin’s economic legacy (!).

Sir Vince Cable was formerly the leader of the Liberal Democrats (2017-2019), Secretary of State for Business, Energy, Innovation and Skills (2010-2015) and President of the Trade Board.