The British Undergraduate Review is non-profit, student run organisation which provides university students across the United Kingdom with a platform for research and discussion. The Review is a forum for academic excellence and debate among undergraduates. Originally the Review only published the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy – the United Kingdom’s only national undergraduate philosophy journal. The Review now publishes a history journal, as well as a philosophy journal.

The aim of the organisation is to promote scholarship, discourse and inter-connectedness among undergraduate students in the United Kingdom. Outstanding undergraduate research needs to be acknowledged and celebrated, the Review provides the opportunity and framework for its publication.

All organisational and editorial decisions are made by the Editorial Board which is composed of undergraduate and postgraduate students. As the Review selects editors on a rolling basis, it welcomes applications all year round.

The Review only publishes work written by undergraduates in the United Kingdom. This work can take the form of articles, essays and book reviews. The organisation also provides an outlet for topical, timelier and more accessible work on its blog.


Frank Allen
Rose Bache
Joseph Beaden
Alexandra Beste
Nunticha Bowonnaowarux
Lily Chadwick
Man Ching Hua
Katrina Fenton
Jack Graveney
Hannah Hayward
Jay Hollis
Charlie Knight
Alexia Leclerc
Maximus McCabe-Abel
Lucie Menaul
Martin Niederl
Harry Pendlebury
Jack Sagar
Alex Stanley
Chloe Thomas
Elizabeth Whittaker

Sasha Arridge
Barnabas Balint
Olivia Bennison
Sam Bowerman
Ellie Brosnon
Ieuan Chappel
Harry Croxford
Charlie Gorst
Esme Gray
Isabelle Hodgson
Robert Jones
Helena Lang
Marcus Livermore
Matthew McClure
Henry Miller
Khai Ojehomon
Marton Perlaki
Matthew Slaughter
Zac Terry
Saskia Vadsholm Sieprath

Arden Foster-Spink


Membership of the British Undergraduate Review is free and open to everyone. To become a member you can subscribe to our content below. Membership is also given to those who have their work published in one of the Review’s journals or its blog.

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The British Undergraduate Review welcomes applications for a position on the Editorial Board from undergraduates, postgraduates and PHD students. The Review selects editors on a rolling basis and endeavours to get back to you within seven working days. To apply please contact the Review’s chairman, Arden Foster-Spink, with the journal and role for which you wish to apply in the subject heading.


The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for shortlisting papers for publication. The Editor-in-Chief works alongside all members of the Editorial Team and is operationally responsible for the review process.

Peer Review:

Referees are sent submissions – in which they possess knowledge – to review and assess. Peer Reviewers send their assessment to the Editor-in-Chief. Once papers have been shortlisted the peer reviewer is then asked to vote on the selected papers for publication.

Commissioning Editor:

The Commissioning Editor is responsible for anonymising the papers submitted to the Review. Alongside the Editor-in-Chief, the Commissioning Editor also organises and oversees the review process by selecting suitable peer reviewers for each submission.


Typesetting Editor:

The Typesetting Editor is responsible for formatting the Review so that it meets its grammatical and stylistic requirements. Together with the Editor-in-Chief, the Typesetting Editor receives the papers that have been accepted for publication. To be considered for this role you must be able to use LateX.



The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of the British Undergraduate Review’s website. To be considered for this role you must be proficient with WordPress.

Apply: contact@britishundergraduatereview.org


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