The British Undergraduate Review welcomes original, interesting, timely and topical blog submissions from readers and undergraduates.

Authors may write about anything that bears directly on unfolding philosophical, political, historical and legal events, or address points of scholarship that appertain to these subjects.

The object of the British Undergraduate Review Blog is to encourage discussion and debate. In this vein, articles that engage with and challenge each other are particularly welcomed.

Rules for Submissions

Articles should be between 500 and 1200 words, although the Review will consider submissions that exceed or fall below this.

Whilst blog articles are more accessible and shorter than papers published in the Review’s journals, they should be characterised with the same rigour and scholarship as journal submissions.

Make sure your article is anonymised by confining your identifying information (name, contact details, affiliation) to a separate cover sheet which is to be submitted alongside your blog submission.

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